Keeping your home or business secure is easy and affordable with Cape Byron Glass.

We are a locally licensed manufacturer and installer ofCrimsafe security screens. One of Australia's most trusted brands, Crimsafe screens utilise a revolutionary Screw-ClampTM device which attaches the security mesh deep into the frame. This system, as well as the thickened materials used for the meshing and frame, makes Crimsafe vastly superior to other security screens (many of which are simply glued or wedged in place).

At Cape Byron Glass, we highly recommend Crimsafe security screens, as they are the most practical way to protect your home and family from would-be intruders.

To find out more about how we can keep your home or office protected, or request a no- obligation quote, get in touch with our Byron Bay security screen experts today!

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Why choose Crimsafe?

  • The toughened Crimsafe mesh is designed to withstand knife attacks, heavy projectiles and Category 4 cyclonic conditions.
  • Crimsafe products are extremely durable. Tests have demonstrated that Crimsafe materials can withstand the equivalent of 30-years exposure to the elements.
  • The insulating Santoprene Frame Bead of Crimsafe security screens won't build up dirt, dust and grime the way other security screens will.
  • Despite being extremely strong and durable, Crimsafe screens are unobtrusive and won't hinder the aesthetics of your home.
  • Crimsafe materials have high rust resistance.
  • Crimsafe security screens are available in a vibrant array of colours.

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