If you want to protect your home by adding extra strong doors, then you might be interested in the option of adding Crimsafe Security Doors to your Byron Bay home. These are a particular type of toughened doors that are engineered to be resistant to breaking and entering. If you are interested in finding out more about these doors, then Cape Byron Glass is here to help you.

Tightly fitting security mesh

One of the secrets behind the strength of these doors is how they are fitted with an extra secure security mesh frame, which allows the mesh to be seated deeply into the frame. This makes them more resistant to cutting than traditional security screens, and there is also no way for the screens themselves to be pulled out of place, making them particularly unsuitable for criminal activity.

No unappealing grilles

Another advantage of using the specialist material is that they do not leave you having to face unattractive grilles or thick bars which prevent you from seeing out. You can get a lot more from your security system by asking Cape Byron Glass to install these mesh screens on your windows and doors without having to sacrifice aesthetic appeal in your home.

Adaptable to any door

In addition, you do not settle for any door to suit your situation. Instead, you can simply ask our teams to install the mesh into your location. So, you can have French windows, bifold doors or even panel doors, or with the security mesh installed inside it.

Better protection against the weather

In addition to protecting you against criminals, these security doors will also protect you in the worst of conditions as well. They can be a suitable barrier against high winds during the winter, or even against extremely hot weather in the summer. Cape Byron Glass can install these doors to ensure better protection against the weather in your home.

Protect against insects

A lot of Australians need security screen doors to protect them against intruders such as flies and bugs. To find out how you can benefit from this, you should reach out to us today and ask us for help with your screen doors.

Talk to us today

If you are interested in installing Crimsafe Security Doors in Byron Bay, then reach out to Cape Byron Glass today. We can assist you with a number of different doors, so talk to us by calling 02 6685 8588 now.