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Crimsafe - installing crimsafe security windows Byron Bay

Crimsafe Byron Bay & Tweed Heads


Australia’s Most Trusted Brand

Cape Byron Glass is a licensed manufacturer, supplier and installer of Crimsafe products.

Our workshop in Byron Bay is home to a range of Crimsafe windows, doors, security screens and enclosures.

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Why Crimsafe?

Crimsafe has a revolutionary Screw-Clamp device that incorporates the security mesh deep into the window frame. Along with thickened meshing and frame materials, Crimsafe products are sturdier and safer than other security screens that are usually either glued or wedged into place.

Made with toughened mesh, Crimsafe security screens are built to withstand Category 4 cyclones, knife attacks and heavy projectiles caused by strong winds. These are also built with an insulating Santoprene Frame Bead that prevents dust, dirt and grime from building up on your security screens.

Our materials are rust-resistant and proven to withstand 30 years’ worth of exposure to external elements. Each Crimsafe product has an unobtrusive and sleek design that protects your home without disrupting the aesthetic.

You can choose from a wide range of colours for your Crimsafe security screens in Byron Bay and surrounding areas. Contact our friendly staff today for more information on our products.
Window Repair Man - installed crimsafe in Byron Bay

Frequently Asked Questions



How do i clean my Crimsafe security screens?

To properly clean your Crimsafe security screens, you can wash down your mesh and frames with any kind of car wash and wax in warm water, using a non-abrasive brush.

You can then wipe it down using clean water. You can ask your local supplier if they can supply you with exclusive Crimsafe cleaning products.

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How often should I clean my Crimsafe screens?

This depends on the kind of weather and environment you are living in. If you live more than 10kms away from a beachfront or a sheltered bay, your screens can be cleaned every 6 months. If you live 500m to 1km away from the beach, then have it cleaned every month. Lastly, your screens should be cleaned once every 2 weeks if you live less than 500m from a sheltered bay or beachfront.

Will I be able to get out of my house during an emergency even if I have Crimsafe security screens installed?

Yes, Crimsafe has emergency exit window screens called Safe-S-Capes that allows keyless exit through windows without sacrificing your home’s security. These can either be sliding or hinged according to your personal preference.