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Glass Window & Door Repairs Byron Bay


Replacement & Maintenance

Broken glass doors and windows can be caused by anything from storms, break-ins and home accidents. These must be cleared up and fixed immediately since they pose a hazard if left unattended.

Cape Byron Glass provides comprehensive glass repairs, maintenance and replacements for windows and sliding doors.

Based in Northern Rivers, our 24/7 emergency glass repair service allows us to respond to urgent repairs immediately. We cater to both commercial and residential properties.Give us a call today!

Custom glass repairs

We design our windows and doors according to your exact specifications. Our qualified glass experts can perform repairs and replacements for smashed windows, glass doors, skylights, sliding doors and more.

As Byron’s leading glass and security screen supplier, we have a comprehensive range of stylish, versatile and affordable glass materials. We are also a fully authorised supplier of Crimsafe glass and security products.

Our other services include mobile glass replacements and regular maintenance checks for glass fixtures. We can also replace rollers and locks for sliding doors. From commercial glass emergencies to home glass repairs, our team can assist. We service the areas of Tweed Heads, Ballina, Gold Coast and Byron Bay.
Door Repair — Glass Installations & Repairs In Byron Bay, NSW

Frequently Asked Questions



One of my windows broke and there’s glass everywhere, what should I do?

The first thing you must do is to keep everyone away from the window and nearby areas where glass may have fallen.

Prioritise children, pets and elderly people in your home.

The next thing you need to do is to contact a glass repair professional who will clean everything up and replace your glass window as needed.

What is the importance of installing safety glass on my windows?

Glass installed on windows of a specific size and height must be glazed in safety glass under the current Australian Standards AS-1288.

Safety glazing reinforces glass and allows them to mitigate if not resist damage altogether.

This includes sustaining high winds and high-speed objects that have become projectiles due to strong winds. Investing in safety glass means less hazards for your home or business.

How long does window repair in Byron Bay take?

This depends on the severity of your window’s damage, along with other factors, such as your window’s size and type.

Window repairs will usually take up to a day including glass replacements.

However, this might take longer for larger windows with heavier glass.